Per Ankh AppreciLoves Your Support!

Hotep and Season’s Greetings Per Ankh, Inc. Supporter,  

Per Ankh has provided a host of community educational, health and eclectic social services throughout the year of 2011.  We have traveled to extend our charitable and educational humanitarian services and trainings to 2 continents outside of the mainland United States in 2011.  We would be very appreciative and continue to work very hard in 2012 to maintain your trust and support.

As the year of 2011 is behind us, your support and humanitarian resourcefulness are requested.  In 2011:

  • Per Ankh was on the ground in Egypt during the January 25th Revolution in Cairo that spread throughout the entire country and still percolates in Africa and the globe!  Our forthcoming digital publications “AfRaKa on Fiyah: Healing for Our Ascension” is planned for distribution in March 2012.
  • The turbulent economy of the west has rocked our global community.  Egypt, Syria, Tunisia, Congo, South Africa, West Papua New Guinea, America, the Caribbean, Central America and others have been on fire all year long unlike ever before in this 21st century.
  • Per Ankh received support, awards and implemented several community service & work recognition honors with our community health, social work, community & humanitarian development and cultural initiatives: NUWOMANRising and LIVE UP!-; KWANZAA365 & Sankofa Saturdays and ; CBPM @ ;  Serenity Living Arts ; PADU SRDC ; Living In Black @ ; Harambee Radio @ ; InnerLightRadio @ ; UNIA-ACL (keep an eye out for the official new website in 2012!); and many others that you may gather a glimpse of by visiting PerAnkhU on YouTube @
  • Per Ankh has provided programs in agriculture, architecture & construction, community development, women & family health, youth empowerment and education, cultural preservation, heritage restoration and a host of arts and sciences that govern our universe throughout 2011. 
  • Per Ankh has witnessed, collaborated with powerful global leaders & practitioners, and hosted events as this year of the UN’s International Year for People of African Descent (IYPAD) comes and goes with Africa and African people still on fire everywhere for liberation, unification and social ascension. 
  • Per Ankh has presented papers, new media, lectures, interactive work seminars and certification trainings throughout the year everywhere we go by request.
  • Per Ankh has several forthcoming How-To and Living Skills publications including yet not limited to : Per Ankh: ANKHMES and Mdw Ntchr:Nature’s Measures authored by our executive director Nesu NebKaRa Herishetapheru; Ancient Sacred Traditions: A Handbook for Women’s Health & Livity and NUWOMANRising2LIVEUP: A Paradigm for A Nu Face of Wellness authored by managing director Nesut Dr. ChenziRa D. Kahina; and the Per Ankh collaborative publication of Decree of Nu Smai Tawi; and more to come in Spring and Summer of 2012 respectively!
  • Per Ankh has  engaged in international summits and working groups with global humanitarian efforts that provide resourceful supports for justice, culture and social restoration in Africa, Indigenous nations, people of color, children and the pandemic issues surrounding HIV/AIDS and other crimes against humanity. In all ways Maat, we work with others to eradicate homelessness, poverty, injustice, violence, biological & physical warfare and genocide. 
  • Per Ankh has worked in the schools, communities and private business sector to encourage respect, security and support for shifting the paradigm of fear, dis-ease and corruption from within for the enhancement of our youth who are our future leaders and generation of DOERS!
  • Per Ankh has been reminded that ”revolutions” and healing don’t happen in a day or even in a season without ORGANIZATION and UNITY and much more!

Per Ankh continues to provide a host of services, counsel and hard work for the preservation of respect, dignity, integrity and power for the community developments for A Nu Humanity here in the Virgin Islands, the Caribbean, the Americas, Africa and abroad in all ways positive and possible.  There is so much more work for us to do and I am sure you agree that now on the opening of the year 2012 we must continue our quest, work and mission of “Strengthening Visionaries & Organizing Practitioners for Instituting Culture, Healing, Arts, Technology and Spirituality for Life, Inspiration, Freedom & Education=CHATS4LIFE!”

In light of this work and this season of giving, please take a few minutes to send us a small or large gift as a tax-deductible donation for the work we have done and will continue to do with your support.  Just your willingness to support our work in any amount is more important than the actual amount as we are all one family in restoring A Nu Humanity!  We desire and remain on a quest for many of the same things for our future for our community, homes, environment, for social justice, economic and heritage restoration, and to support our children, young adults and students, who have a challenging yet blessed future ahead of them with our collective, collaborative and maatikal guidance. All donations are tax-deductible as we are a US IRS 501C3.


Any gift over $50USD will receive a special egift from Per Ankh!

Any gift over $100USD will receive a special gift of oils or art on papyrus from Per Ankh!

If these links are an issue, please send a request for a donation invoice to or and we will send a PayPal option that you may use PayPal or credit/debit cards.  Money orders may be mailed and made payable to: Per Ankh, Inc.**POB 607**Kingshill, St. Croix VI 00851-0607

On behalf of Per Ankh’s KPRA Directors, staff and global advisory council, I wish you seasons greetings and happy holidays in whatever way you celebrate them. May we all be blessed with abundant tranquility, peace, justice, life, strength, wellness, health and prosperity in our lives. May the principles of truth, justice, order, reciprocity, balance, righteousness and harmony as Maat be restored and maintained for A Nu Humanity.

Shared in Culture, Health, Wellness, Arts & Spirited Education,

Dr. ChenziRa D. Kahina

Managing Director & Co-Founding KPRA of Per Ankh, Inc. 

P.S. Let’s all take a moment and honor everyone who continues to positively and collaboratively work to make a better community, nation and world. We, they, all of us, deserve credit and resourceful support for contributing to making it a much better year than we could have imagined and beyond!

Per Ankh, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational, social service and charitable organization. Your donation is 100% tax-deductible.

Per Ankh~ A 501C3 non profit & non-governmental organization livicated to providing educational, spiritual, cultural, environmental, holistic health, gender-specific therapies, community capacity building, prevention treatments, healing living arts & sciences, heritage consciousness, social & other naturalistic resources that positively contribute to the overall upliftment, welfare and forward positive action of our communities locally, regionally and globally. Per Ankh’s mission is living our Culture, Healing, Arts, Technology & Spirituality for Life, Inspiration, Freedom & Education=CHATS4LIFE©!

Donate in the amount you are able to support the initiatives, programs and community health care, outreach and resources Per Ankh provides! and/or money orders may be mailed payable to: Per Ankh, Inc.**POB 607**Kingshill, St. Croix VI 00851-0607

Per Ankh requests you make time in your schedule to provide a donation in support of our initiatives, programmes and humanitarian institutions.

We appreciate your donations to maintain the positive and proactive CHATS4LIFE services we provide our community!

Founding Directors of Per Ankh, Inc. in Nubian Farm Spa in Aswan, KMT (Egypt/UAR) February 2011


Hotep. We encourage you to leave a reply! Remain in Light!

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