AfRaKan Black History Must Be Integrated Into Virgin Islands Cultural Education

Happy AfRaKan Black History Month 2012!

This is an excerpt from a summary report prepared by Per Ankh, Inc. for the Virgin Islands Department of Education’s Office of the Commissioner for the Development and Implementation of VI Cultural Education Standards for Grades K-12.  It is important to note that this excerpt is the position solely of Per Ankh, Inc. and not that of VIDE.  Also, it is important to further note that their has been more than 30+ years of curriculum and coursework materials and resources developed by educational professionals, consultants, culture bearers, parents and others within and outside of the VIDE that are currently being inventoried and archived for insuring that a 21st century approach to the implementation policies and complimentary professional development for educators, paraprofessionals, administrators and the general community are partners in this new and innovative infusion of VI Cultural Education integrated across disciplines from K-12 and beyond.  Per Ankh, Inc. extends our thanks to the foresight of the VI Legislature to implement and enforce policy in concert with the VIDE Office of the Commissioner to institute VI Cultural Education Standards.  Per Ankh, Inc. extends thanks and appreciation to a proactive, progressive and knowledgeable consortium of VI community members for working with the VIDE Cultural Education Standards Task Force 2011 and for remaining engaged to see this project through its’ fruition successfully!  This is shared in honor and commemoration of AfRaKans of the Virgin Islands during this ABHM2012 like: Rev. Dr. Edward Wilmot Blyden, Hubert Harrison, Casper Holstein, Dr. Barbara Christian, Dr. Marva Sprauve-Browne, John P. Scott, Elaine S. Sprauve, Cleone Creque Hodge, Eulalie Rivera, Henry Rohlsen, Cyril King, Dr. Gene Emanuel, Charles Emanuel, Lesmore Emanuel, Judge Eileen Petersen, Mildred Anduze, Bertha Boschulte, Pearl B. Larsen,  J. Antonio Jarvis, Dr. Yosef ben Jochannan, Amadeo Francis, Enid M. Baa, Cherri Creque, Horace Clarke, Leona Brady Watson, Victor Brady and many many others that we encourage readers of this blog to add!  “Each one teach one; Each one reaches one! Each one heals one!”

“Our young students in the education system of the Virgin Islands need to learn who their ancestors were and the contributions made by their ancestors to hueman development, history and civilization.  The majority of the people of the USVI are people from the various Caribbean Islands as well as Native Virgin Islanders whose African ancestors were captured and enslaved and brought to the Caribbean, and the Americas.  The origins, history, and many aspects of the Culture of this population majority are rooted in Africa and need to be shared and known by the students of our educational system.  It is very important for the younger generations of the educational system to know that their history and origins did not begin with the capture and enslavement of their ancestors and that they ancestors in Africa played a very important and significant role in the origin and development of human civilization and high culture that gave birth to European and American history, culture and civilization.

To write the standards for the History and Culture of the USVI and not include the need for the study of African, culture, history, and civilization will be scientifically, historically, culturally, and ethnically incorrect and will continue to be a continued falsification of the truth of the origins of the African people that make up the majority of the population of the USVI and the Caribbean.  Our younger population of the territory need to know their origins and place in the development of humanity and the great contributions that their ancestors made to human progress and development in the arts and sciences, as well in technology, philosophy, and the humanities.”

For those interested in the complete final summary report, upon VIDE releases and related publication permissions, it may be emailed to you upon request to .  In the interim, share your comments, constructive recommendations and solutions for insuring the optimal integration of VI Cultural Education in VI public schools.

Composed by Nesu Neb KaRa Herishetapaheru, Executive Director of Per Ankh, Inc.


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    Hotep. Share your perspectives on culture and heritage for March 2013.

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