Notes on AfRaKan Unity February 2012

Hotep M Greetings:

In light of all our current movements for a New AfRaKan World Union…

In honor of the invitational call from the African Union…

For those ready and willing to move forward in AfRaKan Unity in Maat in the best interests of our people within the AfRaKan Diaspora and our ancestral continental homelands…

These words from our honorable ancestors are being shared to shift and transform the methods, strategies and tone in which we interact, engage, discuss, work and organize amongst one another…

For healing all of our relations amongst our youth, future generations, families, communities, nations and A Nu Humanity-these quotations are shared…

It is beyond time to move forward, use these networks of communications for our higher engagements and transform our realities as “we are the ones we have been waiting for…”  Dua

“We first have to define what exactly is a revolution.  Our crisis today is that we do not seem to understand that a revolution means a complete change.  In a revolution you do not patch an old society.  You replace an old society.  When a society has grown old, weal, fat, and flabby and fails to serve its people, the conscious role of those who have suffered from that society is not to prop up that society, but to change that society in such as way that will will never be the same again.-[Malcolm X Speaks-Dr. John Henrik Clarke]

“What all Africans should have done at that moment (Ghana’s Independence in March 1957), in Africa, the Caribbean islands, and the United States is to develop an operation and definition of Pan-African nationalism that could be flexible enough to be applicable to all Africans everywhere.  At that point there was a need to seriously plan the structure of an African world community that would bridge all religious lines, cultural lines, and geographical lines, in this 500 year struggle against slavery and colonialism, all Africans have had one enemy, no matter the geography, the religion, or the culture.  A redefinition of Pan-African nationalism and development of the concept of an African world community would have given all of us a bridge where we could STAND and COMMUNICATE with one another.  That would have been the common denominator of Pan-African nationalism…

Because our origin is Africa, our political heartbeat should be in tune with Africa.  No matter where we live on the face of this earth, we should PROCLAIM OURSELVES AN AFRICAN PEOPLE.  That is our nationality, no matter what nation we were born in and what nation we choose to live in.  This is the ultimate vindication of the betrayal of the African world revolution.  We must be bold enough to look back and re-echo the words of Marcus Garvey: ‘One God, One Aim, One Destiny!’  Then we must say to every African person on the face of the earth with the shadow of a doubt about him or herself in the future, ‘Up, Up You Mighty Race, You Can Accomplish What You Will.’…

…By One God, I do not mean that all African people on the face of the earth should be bound to one spiritual system…The fight for African liberation can be carried on under any belief system…What I mean by One Aim is that all African people one way or the other should be committed to African liberation, unity and preservation, irrespective of religious, cultural or political commitments…By One Destiny, I mean the unification and the development of African people…

In calling attention to the African world revolution and its betrayal, I am asking African people to reclaim those vital assets that have always been a part of their history, culture and politics.  As a people, we have always been revolutionary, creating and adjusting to change…We are a revolutionary people…With the restoration of self-confidence, we can boldly say to ourselves and to the world, ‘If we did it once, we can do it again!'”-From Who Betrayed the African World Revolution Speech on June 10, 1992 by Dr. John Henrik Clarke

“It is no longer enough to call oneself a revolutionary.   We also need to be absolutely clear on the profound meaning of the revolution we fervently defend.  This is the best way to defend it from the attacks and distortions that the counter-revolutionaries will not fail to use against it.  Knowing how to link revolutionary theory to revolutionary practice will be the decisive criterion from now on in distinguishing consistent revolutionaries from all those who flock to the revolution under motives that are alien to the revolutionary cause.”-From President Thomas Sankara Speech on Building A New Society, Rid of Social Injustice and Imperialist Domination on October 2, 1983


This is humbly shared for us to move forward in Maat as truth, justice, order, reciprocity, righteousness and harmony for the liberation, unification and social ascension of our AfRaKan nation-“at home and abroad”

Shem M Hotep Ankh Udja Snb-Life Strength Wellness

Nswt Dr. ChenziRa Kahina Herishetapaheru of Per Ankh M Smai Tawi

Note: This has been shared as a reply to the following document on BlackListPub


Honorable President Thomas Sankara

Honorable Dr. John Henrik Clarke

Honorable Malcolm X


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