Desire to Help AfRaKa (Africa)? Work & Join to DO THE HEALING A NATION WORK!

Desire to Help AfRaKa? Work & Join An AfRaKan Organization DOING THE WORK for Our Liberation & Unity Houses of Life
Originally shared on The Internet on Monday, July 9, 2012 at 10:37am

E em Hotep:

Desire to help AfRaKa? Desire to see the genocide and inhumanity stop? Work & Join an AfRaKan organization DOING THE WORK for our security, protections, innerpowerment, unity, liberation, healing, social ascension and spiritual transformation (beyond man-made organized & obligatory religion).  This is shared with sacred intention for a healing in our relations in AfRaKa, in the Amerikas and the world.  With 7 billion humans on the earth (and counting) unity requires WORK, organization, loyalty, mutual respect and a SPIRITUAL HARMONY that fosters a symphony for healing situations that plague our family village nation in the Congo and EVERYWHERE.

With everything impacting our world economy and the basic needs of food, security, clothing, transport, housing, education, health care, spiritual freedoms and our very humanity being at a vicious crossroad- this is being shared as one who lives within the human family as a woman of Indigenous Ancestral AfRaKan Nubianu Kshianu Khamitu Herutage Legacy in Maat without apology. 

Here is an extended comment linked to the photo attached herein of the atrocities many of the earth community remain silent and ignorant of in the Congo that has been happening for decades.  This is the Africa that is under siege to this day as world powers intentionally keep an open eye to the exploitation, rape, genocide and inhumane acts by two-legged beings that appear to be part of the human race and family by design.  It will cease when WE THE PEOPLE call on our Divine Source and Ancestral Source as we unite in these astronomical times of power and ORGANIZE without apology to make it so.  Who’s ready to do that work while still feeding our families, caring for our needy, providing for the homeless and hungry in a world of rapists, cannibals (spiritual and physical ones) and selected leaders that do for self and exploit everyone and everything else inclusive of environment, resources, lands, people and if possible the very Spirit of humanity? The Mothers have been crying out and mourning; The Fathers that many claim are silent are imprisoned inside and outside of prisons by institutions that fear the power of our men- our real men and fathers; The Youth (and most of us) are forced into a life of schizophrenia that destroys the very fabric of balance essential for wellness, healthy thoughts and rational thinking- much less actions in a society that media invokes billions of megabytes of data and stimuli into our youth that institute virtually innately that sex+drugs+violence=success or hit the other side of the dirt; The Elders (many of us are creeping into that realm whether we know and accept it or not) are forced to choose to live an extreme unplugged holistic lifestyle commonly relegated for the elite with money to finance it or to live a life of eternal dependence on drug-store pharmaceuticals from man-made dis-eases that keep the corporations funded for life while killing them and their families indiscriminately. 

The world is under siege by a small group of puppeteers that create an illusion that makes death and dying the pride of the day.  Our communities dress up and celebrate funerals more often than weddings, baptismals, birthings and healthy family union ceremonies of any form.  Organizations that support life and living are shunned, ostracized and forced to exist with minimal resources (insufficient funds) for instituting and honoring our celebrations of our health as wealth while others that support death and dying are funded all the time while decreasing populations and the spirits of those being served on a platter of decadence.

“What the Congo is experiencing now has long historic roots that predate the quests for liberation and independence worked for by the Honorable Patrice Lumumba among others…Support the Mothers for Congo initiatives to assist in making changes.  Support Mothers for Africa within the direction of Nana Nehanda Sankofa-Ra who works with families in Congo to heal the damages done to the body, mind, soul, spirit and consciousness of our people in that region and beyond.  This is the Congo-however this is a reflection of what is happening to AfRaKan people all over for imperialist and capitalist gains of a small minority controlling and being selected to lead the most powerful and influential governments and nations of the earth. 

These comments and voices that many share regarding such CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY are to be broadcasted and ACTED upon with appropriate prosecution and incarceration/equitable punishment to the representatives of global bodies responsible for allowing such violent and genocidal acts against humanity- AfRaKans in particular who still are “claiming” to care about humanity, freedom and justice for all inclusive of yet not limited to the African Union, United Nations, ECOWAS, ECOSOC, INTERPOL, CIA, Aretz Israel-Prime Minister’s Administration, USA-President’s Administration, UK-Queen’s Administration and others (enter more that should be added to this list!) When will an International Court be convened for those that are presiding in and financing the Hague that should be brought before a genuine international court before the people of humanity that continue to be ignored while being exploited, tortured, raped and murdered for extended periods of time?  We are to keep our eye of action and transformation on the genocide and acts against humanity in the Congo; in Sudan (genocide in Darfur and beyond has not ceased even with UN/AFRICOM select interventions); in Guinea Bissau and the struggles of the PAIGC that even the AU’s ECOWAS must have its bootstraps pulled up on; in Sierra Leone, Ghana, Cameroon, Uganda, Rwanda, Ivory Coast (many turned their heads while witnessing public rapes of innocent women and girls and many NGOs linked to the perpetrators receive blanket funding to “help” now); and throughout the African continent and everywhere in the African Diaspora where injustices are institutionalized and people remain silent-including the rampant disregard for African life in the USA and even its’ non-incorporated non-self governing territories like the Virgin Islands of the USA.  The photo herein of the murders of women, children and families in the Congo reflects the disregard for Africa and her people, resources, lands, spirit and humanity everywhere. Being catatonic will not aid us collectively beyond this challenging shift in 2012. This is a time of a Great Awakening hence we are to WAKE UP2LIVEUP!

Are you in an organization protecting, liberating, organizing, healing, securing and uplifting AfRaKa from violence like what is pictured here?  Join and be a part of an organization working for AfRaKan people and A Nu Humanity.  There are many organizations and initiatives to select to be an active part within.  Several are shared here however the links associated herein will provide lists of many more. 

  • Visit and to gather a glimpse of the work initiatives that institute and strengthen Culture, Health, Arts, Technology and Spirituality for Life, Inspiration, Freedom and Education=CHATS4LIFE organized and implemented through Per Ankh Khamniversity Institute, Per Ankh M Smai Tawi and Per Ankh, Inc.(US IRS 501C3 charitable educational community development organization).  Become a supporting member or more with Per Ankh for details email with “E-brochure” in the subject line. Working together with Divine Source-NTR (by whichever sacred name you honor)-we are the change we desire for healing self, family, village, nation and A Nu Humanity.
  • Visit to embrace networks with solutions from CBPM-the Collective Black People’s Movement facilitated by Ras Marvin;
  • May 25th is African Liberation and Africa Freedom Day. Explore organizations that are in the forefront of political engagement using PanAfricanist ideology like the All African People’s Revolutionary Party called and organized by the Honorable Dr. Kwame Nkrumah (1st President of Ghana);
  • African Independence Day is August 31st.  The Garveys launched a movement-Universal Negro Improvement Association-African Communities League-UNIA-ACL in the 1920’s to promote African unity, liberation and self-sustenance with “One God One Aim One Destiny” with more than 10 million members without FB or any of the technology we have at our fingertips to address our self-determination, freedom and security. The UNIA-ACL is a government with a history that stretches throughout many movements for human, civil and social rights and protections from genocide like what is happening to AfRaKans and others in the 21st century;
  • The African Union expended millions of dollars on the Global African Diaspora Summit in South Africa (along with 4 other multi-faceted related conferences, symposia and sessions) with a final Declaration being developed and distributed for “One Unified Africa and African Diaspora” in May 2012.  For details link to
  • There are a host of organizations that have united to share One Voice One People as One Africa and most of them (even the fake and exploitative ones) are on the Internet.  This is an excellent time for our people to minimize being reactive and shift the paradigm to moving beyond being “sick and tired” to taking proactive steps and strides for our liberation, unification and social ascension. 
  • Even the UN was lobbied to declare 2012 as the Year for International Cooperatives.  What are we doing cooperatively as people of AfRaKan ancestry, heritage, descent and legacy?  Share your truths and actions.
  • The North American African Diaspora Unity Council (NAADUC) is an organizational initiative of organizations united and ready to cooperatively engage with the AU and related bodies for our voices to be heard and actions for changing and positively transforming how humanity addresses and interacts with Africa;
  • The Pan African Diaspora Union (PADU) is an organization of organizations focused upon PanAfricanism as manifested in and for our people in the 21st century for those ready to engage and DO THE WORK-;
  • The Sixth Region Diaspora Caucus (SRDC) is a global organizational initiative to address the call for the African Diaspora to organize proactively, collaborative and cooperatively as a front for taking our part in the Union of African Nations/African World Union/ United States of Africa-PanAfricanism that secures Africa and Africans all the time.
  • Humble suggestion: Gather and loyally khamit (commit) to collectively, collaboratively and maatikally unite to work with an unconditional willingness to serve for the greatest and highest good of our people while supporting African Consensus beyond the global infighting running rampant with disrespect, disloyalty and ego-led mismanagement parasitically fed by the capitalist and imperialist models many use as measuring sticks of exclusivity, tapeworm elitism, pseudo-saviorism and success.
  • Ankhtribute and share your voices for our upliftment as the “one-one solitary leader of all phenomenon” may not provide the most efficient and principled strategy for our Great Awakening in this time of the earth’s paradigm and spiritual shift from the age of Pisces into the “dawning of the age of Aquarius” that womanifests Eye-ternal possibilities for our ascension, healing and harmony  (check the energies of waning of old concepts and the uprising of inspirational and transformational new life harmonizing alignments in humans, environment and Spirit).

You and your organization are invited to share, engage, partner, collaborate and strengthen our global AfRaKan unity with “mutual respect” in Maat (truth, justice, order, reciprocity, righteousness, harmony, balance) as our Regal Ancestors of Smai Tawi (sacred unity of the twinned regions-the name of our Sovereign Nation of the Nile/Hapi Civilization that lasted for thousands of years) that laid a foundation for contemporary times and beyond.  For details on Smai Tawi share your request via email to with “E-Note on Smai Tawi” in the subject line or complete the contact form at  Per Ankh encourages all houses of Kmt, Nubia, Ksh, TaMeri, Puanet and all Indigenous Ancestral ANKKH legacy to share soul-lutions for our universal/wombniversal life healing-share in our quest for Ua NTR Ua Sep Ua Shai and beyond!

PerAnkhLIVE! offers radio broadcasts, courses, commentaries and proactive heritage presentations on these issues with solutions and linkages to entities prepared to accept that “Brother you got the power to make a change; Sister you got the power to rearrange.”(Third World) Sundays@9amEST; Mondays & Tuesdays@9pmEST and Wednesdays on @9pmEST.

Be Ready2Live Free.Live Safe.Live Strong.Live Maat2LIVEUP

May the bloodshed of the innocent cease in the Congo, in Africa, in Amerika, in the Caribbean and throughout the earth. Shm M Htp

“Culture heals humanity- Land is Our Foundation- Spiritual Harmony Unifies Us-You Are A Per Ankh-House of Life!”

Shared in Maat, Djehuti, Sesheta M Ptah-Skhmt,

NswtMwt Dr. ChenziRa of PerAnkh M SmaiTawi

This is happening in the Congo. Never Again! Take Action! Save Life. From the One Life Campaign.

PerAnkh m Smai Tawi sharing ancestral ankh energy for contemporary life ascension and healing of our nations. Duau Ankhu.

Freedom Sculpture honoring Our AfRaKan Ancestors in Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas VI

Say Yes for Africa- Everywhere!

Let us Unite & Answer #3: What can I do to make it right?  Share what you are doing and prepared to do for our Healing, Organization, Unification, Liberation and Ascension= HOULA! 
Shem m Htp

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  1. perankhpress says:

    HOULA! And Do It Now!

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