President Hugo Chavez Lives On in The People

 ImageThis was originally published on March 6. 2013,following the announcement of the passing of the President of Venezuela, the Honorable Hugo Chavez Frias- a leader from, by and for the people.  May his vision for unity amongst Native Ameridian, Indigenous and AfRaKan people be made manifest in our lifetime.  May the other than positive and challenging aspects of his life engagements be forgiven, repaired and atoned for as he transcends beyond the Halls of Ma’at.  May his positive impact on the lives of those he loved, respected, led, served, learned from and strengthened be honored, protected and mutually respected. 

May the whirlwind of truth, integrity, justice, freedom, liberation and genuine sovereignty welcome the new ancestor the Honorable Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela.  Condolences to Venezuelans and humanity on the transition beyond this life of President Hugo Chavez.  May he rest knowing that his work will continue for the greater good of humanity.  The world community has lost a brave and fearless leader that western media spent large sums of money to marginalize and demonize with a multiplicity of lies.  May the truth be told.

It is sad to know that yet another revolutionary leader willing to stand up to the inhumanity, assassinations, institutional racism, oppression, greed and evils by many world leaders that continue to attempt to demonize President Hugo Chavez even in death.  May they reflect on the reality that President Hugo Chavez was one of the only world leaders to speak in public on intentions and essential needs for successful and sustainable liberation and unification efforts amongst AfRaKans and Indigenous people of the world.  President Hugo Chavez was one of the only world leaders of the people that remained unafraid to expose the blatant physical, economic, political, social and spiritual genocide being launched at us.  

This is a must see film by Greg Palast’s Foundation:

…and there is more.  This madness has to cease.  There will never be peace without justice and the restoration of our collective humanity.

May silence and respect of the positive life contributions of President Hugo Chavez be honored in the international media.  May the choice of comments in the media by those that cowardly speak ill of the dead that were good to humanity be ignored and silenced.  May people remember that while on the earth it is the good works to highlight and that to speak demonized lies of people in death will make those that utter such lies face retribution for their actions, words, deeds and beyond for generations upon generations.  

The Most High Mother Father Creator- NTRAA- will sustain and maintain harmony as Ma’at in these and all things.  

May the positive works for Venezuelans and humanity along with the liberating sacred intentions of President Hugo Chavez be remembered, replicated and institutionalized for real liberation and unification of Diasporan, Indigenous, AfRaKan (DIA) people and a greater humanity.  May humanity carry the torch of the good works, achievements and leadership of President Hugo Chavez.  We know he is resting in peace.   Now his spirit in the whirlwind is immortal and impenetrable beyond measure.  Calling on humanity to take action and embrace the power as we Heal, Organize, Unite, Liberate and Ascend- HOULA and do it now.  Shem m Hotep

Afterword shared by NswNeb KaRa of PerAnkh m SmaiTawi:  Life is eternal. It is neither created or destroyed but continuously transformed.  As our illustrious and spiritual warrior brother- the Honorable Hugo Chavez- enters the spiritual realm, we must all Ramember we have to ankhtinue the great work of liberation from the sethian and isfetian forces being continuously implemented by the wazungu.  May he be found vindicated in the Halls of Ma’at.  A Hotep Di Nswt is offered for his venerable Ka as the noble one and Maakheru Hugo Chavez- from the community of spiritual warriors and all those that care for him especially his family.  Shm m Htp



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