RAspect For Our Women in International Women’s Month in March and All the Time

RAspect for Our Women 1-March 10,2012
Originally published on the for PerAnkhPress on Saturday, March 10, 2012 at 7:03pm.


In honor and RAspect for the women who served our AfRaKan people and humanity beyond the titles, elected positions and money they generated, these names of international are shared.  Learn. Share. Organize. Expand. Heal. Ascend! RAevolutionary AfRaKan Women-RAW!

Nella Larsen—Harlem Renaissance writer April 13, 1891- March 30, 1964. Lived and schooled in Denmark for several years before returning to the US mainland.

Annie Silinga—ANC member and organizer of the 1st South African Federation of Women. [1910-1983].

Daisy Bates—Warrior for racial and social justice from Arkansas to President of the NAACP and only woman to speak at the March on Washington in 1961 [1914-November 4, 1999].

Tituba—AfRaKan Native Ameridian healer from Barbados persecuted as a witch and enslaved a Salem minister on trial until 1693 and released—17th century.

Ernestina Sila—Revolutionary leader of Guinea Bissau and Cape Verde assassinated by Portuguese colonialist on her way to Amilcar Cabral’s funeral. [April 1943-February 1, 1973].

Black Carlotta—May 1843 an AfRaKan enslaved woman from Matanzas (Cuba) used a machete to lead a slave uprising and was murdered.

Nehandra of Shona nation in Zimbabwe was a spiritual and military leader who led resistance from Britain eventually tried and sentenced to death.

Queen Zeferina—Organized an uprising in Urubu, Brazil and was captured and sentenced to hard labor—1750’s to December 24, 1826.

Amy Jacques Garvey—Jamaican born journalist and later wife of Marcus Garvey.  Leader of the Back to Africa movement—UNIA-ACL.

Nancy Grigg—AfRaKan ascendent Creole enslaved woman of Barbados who organized militant core of woman and men for liberation…Led one of the only enslavement rebellions in Barbados.

Fermina Lukumi—early 19th century rebellion leader of Cuba from the 1830’s and 1840’s.

Naga Nanny-1700’s leader of the Jamaican Windward Marrons and organizer known as the sister of rebel Cudjoe.  A healer, spiritual conjure woman and freedomfighter.

Fatima Buaro fought more than two decades of armed national liberation struggle with the PAIGC and was a trained nurse.

Sojourner Truth from 1797 to November 26, 1883 was an AfRaKan Amerikan abolitionist, human and women’s rights advocate former slave name was Isabella Baumfree.

Toni Cade Bambara—”It is the duty the responsibility of every writer representing an oppressed people to make revolution irresistible.”  Pan African socialist, revolutionary and literary scholar.

Yaa Asantewaa of Ghana—Queen Mother who led armed struggle against Britain to avoid colonial occupation until captured by turncoat African men, imprisoned and exiled to Seychelles. 1840- October 17,1921.

Winnie Mandela, Frances Baard & Millions more!

Are you willing to list others on this blog?

Are you willing to share biographies of Revolutionary African Women on the http://www.revolutionaryafricanwomen.net website?

Share so that our youth, elders and all of humanity will RAmember to HONOR OUR QUEEN MOTHERS!


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