President Hugo Chavez Lives On in The People

 ImageThis was originally published on March 6. 2013,following the announcement of the passing of the President of Venezuela, the Honorable Hugo Chavez Frias- a leader from, by and for the people.  May his vision for unity amongst Native Ameridian, Indigenous and AfRaKan people be made manifest in our lifetime.  May the other than positive and challenging aspects of his life engagements be forgiven, repaired and atoned for as he transcends beyond the Halls of Ma’at.  May his positive impact on the lives of those he loved, respected, led, served, learned from and strengthened be honored, protected and mutually respected. 

May the whirlwind of truth, integrity, justice, freedom, liberation and genuine sovereignty welcome the new ancestor the Honorable Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela.  Condolences to Venezuelans and humanity on the transition beyond this life of President Hugo Chavez.  May he rest knowing that his work will continue for the greater good of humanity.  The world community has lost a brave and fearless leader that western media spent large sums of money to marginalize and demonize with a multiplicity of lies.  May the truth be told.

It is sad to know that yet another revolutionary leader willing to stand up to the inhumanity, assassinations, institutional racism, oppression, greed and evils by many world leaders that continue to attempt to demonize President Hugo Chavez even in death.  May they reflect on the reality that President Hugo Chavez was one of the only world leaders to speak in public on intentions and essential needs for successful and sustainable liberation and unification efforts amongst AfRaKans and Indigenous people of the world.  President Hugo Chavez was one of the only world leaders of the people that remained unafraid to expose the blatant physical, economic, political, social and spiritual genocide being launched at us.  

This is a must see film by Greg Palast’s Foundation:

…and there is more.  This madness has to cease.  There will never be peace without justice and the restoration of our collective humanity.

May silence and respect of the positive life contributions of President Hugo Chavez be honored in the international media.  May the choice of comments in the media by those that cowardly speak ill of the dead that were good to humanity be ignored and silenced.  May people remember that while on the earth it is the good works to highlight and that to speak demonized lies of people in death will make those that utter such lies face retribution for their actions, words, deeds and beyond for generations upon generations.  

The Most High Mother Father Creator- NTRAA- will sustain and maintain harmony as Ma’at in these and all things.  

May the positive works for Venezuelans and humanity along with the liberating sacred intentions of President Hugo Chavez be remembered, replicated and institutionalized for real liberation and unification of Diasporan, Indigenous, AfRaKan (DIA) people and a greater humanity.  May humanity carry the torch of the good works, achievements and leadership of President Hugo Chavez.  We know he is resting in peace.   Now his spirit in the whirlwind is immortal and impenetrable beyond measure.  Calling on humanity to take action and embrace the power as we Heal, Organize, Unite, Liberate and Ascend- HOULA and do it now.  Shem m Hotep

Afterword shared by NswNeb KaRa of PerAnkh m SmaiTawi:  Life is eternal. It is neither created or destroyed but continuously transformed.  As our illustrious and spiritual warrior brother- the Honorable Hugo Chavez- enters the spiritual realm, we must all Ramember we have to ankhtinue the great work of liberation from the sethian and isfetian forces being continuously implemented by the wazungu.  May he be found vindicated in the Halls of Ma’at.  A Hotep Di Nswt is offered for his venerable Ka as the noble one and Maakheru Hugo Chavez- from the community of spiritual warriors and all those that care for him especially his family.  Shm m Htp



“Comrades, no revolution, starting with our own- will triumph as long as women are not free. Our struggle, our revolution will be incomplete as long as we understand liberation to mean essentially that of men. After the liberation of the proletariat, there remains the liberation of women.” Thomas Noel Sankara, Honorable President of Burkina Faso

This quotation is from Honorable President Thomas N. Sankara’s speech entitled :”The Revolution Cannot Triumph Without The Emancipation Of Women” to thousands of women of Burkina Faso on International Women’s Day- March 8, 1987.  May his name be honored and revered forever.

“Comrades, no r…

ALD2012: Our Global AfRaKan Unity for A Nu AfRaKan World Union and Beyond

ALD2012:  Our Global AfRaKan Unity for A Nu AfRaKan World Union and Beyond

An elder gave us an assignment during an ALD session recently:  Do an act where you do not focus on always being right.  Essentially, that is hard for most of us and in light of that elder’s assignment to those of us working as initiators (agents) for change in our community the shift in our actions are manifesting…womanifesting.

Some believe practice makes perfect; however practice really makes for improvement as perfection is a subjective construct created by man which is another ankhversation…. On the points shared in this thread regarding elitism in the African Revolutionary Movements and to strongly support AFRICAN LIBERATION DAY events globally these draft comments are presented so we may MOVE FORWARD and minimize our complaints of who is what, who is doing what, and how long such and such has not manifested. 

“The major crisis facing African people the world over is that they have not been educated for the new reality.  And the new reality is that African people must be educated to regain the main thing they lost during slavery and colonialism, the control of the state and their own destiny…The main purpose of education is to train the student to be a proper handler of power.  Every form of true education trains the student in self-reliance…Education that fails to equip you to handle some form of power is irrelevant and not education at all…African people need to stop shouting ‘nationtime’ until they are clear about the responsibilities of running a nation.”  Words of Dr. John Henrik Clarke on April 23, 1994 from Who Betrayed the African World Revolution & Other Essays

It is 2012.  Essentially, some folks think the world is ending and are preparing for gloom and doom.  Others are walking in illuminated consciousness while recognizing transformation and accepting change along with “shared values” as practices see opportunities for a shift for AfRaKa and humanity right now.  Let’s unite, liberate and ascend for the greatest good and potential for AfRaKa 4AChange! It has become “crystal clear” that PanAfricanism has changed and transformed from the version written and spoken of by Rev. Dr. Edward Wilmot Blyden and Maj. Gen. Martin Delaney and others of the pre-20th century;  PanAfricanism has shifted from the version of Hubert Harrison, the Garveys, DuBois, Washington and others; even more shifts were exhibited in the movements that galvanized ideological engagements and perspectives in action through the UNIA-ACL, NOI and other long standing organizations; fast forward to the streak of revolutionary independence struggles and upliftments via mass organized actions in Africa, Central Amerika, Amerika (us), the Caribbean and throughout the Diaspora inspired by the active work and proactive research, nation building efforts and struggles of ancestors like Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, Amilcar Cabral, Azikiwe, Samora Machel, Julius Nyerere, Patrice Lumumba, Malcolm X, George Padmore, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, Medger Evers, Dr. Cheik Anta Diop, Dr. Amos Wilson, Dr. Bobby Clarke, Drusilla Dunjee Houston, Fannie Lou Hamer, Amy Jacques Garvey, Kwame Ture, Ahmed Sekou Ture, Thomas Sankara, Maurice Bishop, Dr. Walter Rodney and many many more; through to the present efforts of organizations like the AAPRP, RNA, NBUF, NBPP, BPP, NBLC, NAADUC, PADU, SRDC, AUDTT, PASG, PAST and the many other organizational entities that are implementing a 21st century paradigm of PanAfricanism that reflects the reality that “change is constant”. 

This shift within PanAfricanism as a movement, ideology, pathway, way of life and beyond, is especially the focus exemplified in the organizational sustainability, viability and security made manifest for even the comrades/members cooperative and collective strength to restore real unification, liberation, stable socio-economic institutions & policies along with the truth and harmony of respect, honor, dignity, integrity, accountability blended with secure power of AfRaKa, her people, her resources, her lands and beyond “by any means necessary”.  In light of what our enemies are doing to our AfRaKan security, sovereignty and spirit-globally- this is a time for us to “Get Up! Stand Up! Organize” (African Student centered theme for ALD2012 by AAPRP) with Action for a CHANGE beyond the identification of our differences and challenges we all know exist. 

This time of ALD2012 following an annular solar eclipse on May 20th, 2012 that has not manifested in 26000 years may mark a strategic, celestial and RAevolutionary time for our nation’s unity without uniformity based on our collaborative, cohesive and collective responsiveness to do more practical work and minimizing  over-ANALyzing our upliftment and the growing labor pains associated with our Rebirth and RAstoration as an AfRaKan nation with dignity in MAAT(truth, justice, order, reciprocity, harmony, righteousness, balance) amongst the nations of humanity.

“It must be proclaimed that there can be no salvation for our peoples unless we decisively turn our backs on

all the models that all the charlatans, cut from the same cloth, have tried to sell us for the past twenty years.  There can be no salvation without saying no to that.  No development without breaking with that…Homeland or death, we will win!”  Speech of President Thomas Sankara delivered in address to the 39th session of the UN’s General Assembly in NY on October 4th, 1984.

This is a concise engagement to recommend SOUL-lutions instead of drilling ourselves with what we already know are problems and issues not being done in accordance or alignment as our ancestors, elders, youth and beyond have recommended and directed us to adhere to much less institutionalize. 

“Africans need cultural cross-fertilization of relating to each other without border restrictions.  After two generations of these traitors, it is my belief that there is a growing desire in Africa to put Africa back together again and make it function for Africans both at home and abroad.  There is now a growing movement to adopt Pan-African nationalism as the essential connecting link between African people throughout the world.  There are now some Africans ready to extend Pan-Africanism beyond its narrow base into an African World Community.  In my opinion, when this happens, the spirit of Kwame Nksrumah and George Padmore, and others who dreamt and planned the unification of Africa will be vindicated.” Words of Dr. John Henrik Clarke on April 23, 1994 from Who Betrayed the African World Revolution & Other Essays

Let’s move forward ever and LIVEUP for a Free, Liberated, Healed and Unified AfRaKa irrespective of the strategies and tactics that many amongst our 1billion and counting populace are engaged in.  Let’s share the liberating and unifying work efforts and institutions we are strengthening and building for a Nu AfRaKan World Union and beyond.  (We invite you to add your works and revolutionary institution building efforts within this venue or via email to or within any of the organizational networks we maintain.)  Let’s shift the paradigm and not get caught up in “man-made organized or obligatory” institutions or isms.

May we remain ready, active and engaged for RAevolution.

Unity to Power! 

One God! One Aim! One Destiny! Ua NTR! Ua Sep! Ua Shai!

Shem M Hotep M Smai Tawi



AfRaKan Black History Must Be Integrated Into Virgin Islands Cultural Education

Happy AfRaKan Black History Month 2012!

This is an excerpt from a summary report prepared by Per Ankh, Inc. for the Virgin Islands Department of Education’s Office of the Commissioner for the Development and Implementation of VI Cultural Education Standards for Grades K-12.  It is important to note that this excerpt is the position solely of Per Ankh, Inc. and not that of VIDE.  Also, it is important to further note that their has been more than 30+ years of curriculum and coursework materials and resources developed by educational professionals, consultants, culture bearers, parents and others within and outside of the VIDE that are currently being inventoried and archived for insuring that a 21st century approach to the implementation policies and complimentary professional development for educators, paraprofessionals, administrators and the general community are partners in this new and innovative infusion of VI Cultural Education integrated across disciplines from K-12 and beyond.  Per Ankh, Inc. extends our thanks to the foresight of the VI Legislature to implement and enforce policy in concert with the VIDE Office of the Commissioner to institute VI Cultural Education Standards.  Per Ankh, Inc. extends thanks and appreciation to a proactive, progressive and knowledgeable consortium of VI community members for working with the VIDE Cultural Education Standards Task Force 2011 and for remaining engaged to see this project through its’ fruition successfully!  This is shared in honor and commemoration of AfRaKans of the Virgin Islands during this ABHM2012 like: Rev. Dr. Edward Wilmot Blyden, Hubert Harrison, Casper Holstein, Dr. Barbara Christian, Dr. Marva Sprauve-Browne, John P. Scott, Elaine S. Sprauve, Cleone Creque Hodge, Eulalie Rivera, Henry Rohlsen, Cyril King, Dr. Gene Emanuel, Charles Emanuel, Lesmore Emanuel, Judge Eileen Petersen, Mildred Anduze, Bertha Boschulte, Pearl B. Larsen,  J. Antonio Jarvis, Dr. Yosef ben Jochannan, Amadeo Francis, Enid M. Baa, Cherri Creque, Horace Clarke, Leona Brady Watson, Victor Brady and many many others that we encourage readers of this blog to add!  “Each one teach one; Each one reaches one! Each one heals one!”

“Our young students in the education system of the Virgin Islands need to learn who their ancestors were and the contributions made by their ancestors to hueman development, history and civilization.  The majority of the people of the USVI are people from the various Caribbean Islands as well as Native Virgin Islanders whose African ancestors were captured and enslaved and brought to the Caribbean, and the Americas.  The origins, history, and many aspects of the Culture of this population majority are rooted in Africa and need to be shared and known by the students of our educational system.  It is very important for the younger generations of the educational system to know that their history and origins did not begin with the capture and enslavement of their ancestors and that they ancestors in Africa played a very important and significant role in the origin and development of human civilization and high culture that gave birth to European and American history, culture and civilization.

To write the standards for the History and Culture of the USVI and not include the need for the study of African, culture, history, and civilization will be scientifically, historically, culturally, and ethnically incorrect and will continue to be a continued falsification of the truth of the origins of the African people that make up the majority of the population of the USVI and the Caribbean.  Our younger population of the territory need to know their origins and place in the development of humanity and the great contributions that their ancestors made to human progress and development in the arts and sciences, as well in technology, philosophy, and the humanities.”

For those interested in the complete final summary report, upon VIDE releases and related publication permissions, it may be emailed to you upon request to .  In the interim, share your comments, constructive recommendations and solutions for insuring the optimal integration of VI Cultural Education in VI public schools.

Composed by Nesu Neb KaRa Herishetapaheru, Executive Director of Per Ankh, Inc.

SRDC Working with Pan African Organizations to Fulfill the ECOSOCC Statutes of the African Union–Feb2012

As working organizational members of the Sixth Region Diaspora Caucus (SRDC) and as members of a collective body of Interim Secretariat of the new official formation of the North American African Diaspora Unity Council (NAADUC) comprised of more than 75 Pan African organizations and growing in unity, this statement from the SRDC Secretariat is being shared in RAspect for African Unity and 21st Century PanAfricanism. We welcome sharing your organizational supports, programs, initiatives, institutions and projects that will continue our forward momentum for the unification, liberation and social ascension of Africa, Africans-continentals and diasporans and A Nu Humanity.

Per Ankh Administrator


The Sixth Region Diaspora Caucus working with Pan-African organizations to fulfill the ECOSOCC Statues of the African Union

Dear Pan African Activists of TheBlackList:

When members of the World Afrikan Diaspora Union (WADU) first sent out the public letter titled Declaration Urging Support for AU Diaspora Representation, originally dated January 21, 2012, in which the Pan-African community was urged to support the nomination of several hand-picked Pan-Africanists as Representatives of the African Diaspora in the African Union, we initially chose not to respond to it.  It was surely a concern to us, but we thought it would simply fade away, as have other such missives. Sadly, however, the piece found its way to TheBlackList this week, and we are now forced to make a definitive response.

In the spirit of operational unity, and with all due respect for the writers and distributors of that WADU letter, we will take the position that their intention was honorable in sending out that letter.  However, regardless of the intent, the actual damage done by the massive misinformation in the letter, and the potential for even more damage to result from it, is a very strong motivator to engage this issue at a high level.

To begin with, the WADU letter states a falsehood and promotes it as truth.  The ECOSOCC Statues of the African Union (anyone can search for that document using Google on the Internet) do not state in any Article, Section or Subsection that African Diaspora representatives can be appointed or recommended by petition.  The Statues mention the African Diaspora at least 11 times in its 12-14 pages.  On page 5, Article 5, number 3, the Statues state explicitly that African Diaspora representatives (numbering 20 in all) must be elected, and they must be elected by an approved process.  The Sixth Region Diaspora Caucus (SRDC) has been working alongside other Pan-African organizations toward that end.

The ECOSOCC Statues do allow for CIDO (the ECOSOCC Citizens Directorate, the AU agency directly responsible for the Diaspora’s coming into the AU) to appoint two ex-officio representatives from the African Diaspora –those two have been appointed since 2008, and are Khafra Kambon from Trinidad-Tobago and Marta Johnson from Costa Rica.  Except for their actual work inside the AU, these two have nothing to do with electing the 20 designated African Diaspora representatives chosen to join the AU as voting members as is specified in the ECOSOCC Statutes.

The WADU letter lists a number of people who have collectively and individually done great things for the Pan African community.  Each of them can easily qualify to be elected as an AU African Diaspora representative from a community that supports them.  However, not one can be appointed as part of the 20 designated seats in ECO SOCC for the Diaspora.  (The long list of Ph.Ds among the nominees in the letter also suggests that one has to have an advanced academic degree to be an AU African Diaspora representative, and that is patently untrue.)

On December 16, 2011, the African Union Ambassador to the United States , the Honorable Amina Salum Ali, speaking to the diverse gathering of African Diaspora groups she had invited to a Unity Symposium, said more than once from the podium that the African Diaspora representatives to the AU must be elected through an AU-approved process.  In his last public speech, WADU President and Honored Ancestor Dudley Thompson (may he rest in peace and satisfaction for a job well done) spoke to Ambassador Ali’s gathering and answered several questions from the participants, and three other WADU representatives attended the Ambassador’s Unity Symposium, so it was not as if the organization was unaware of the facts.

This point makes it much harder to understand why the WADU letter of January 21, 2012 was distributed broadly when the writers certainly had accurate information to the contrary available to them.

The WADU letter spreads confusion and misinformation to hundreds, even thousands of people.  The AU-African Diaspora process is already confusing enough to those who are interested in learning about it.  This letter severely compounds that confusion and at a time when the African Diaspora needs to be clarifying its assets, strategies and readiness for the upcoming May 25, 2012 African Diaspora Summit in South Africa.  The African Diaspora should not and cannot show up to that international Summit unorganized and ill-informed.  The WADU letter has already had a chilling effect on several Pan African activists we have talked with who had been working diligently toward organizing portions of the Diaspora, and doubtless many more who have been stunned into silence and non-participation.  The letter has also been read by several AU members — some of whom do not desire the African Diaspora as participants in AU proceedings.  For those AU members who were already opposed to the Diaspora’s participation, the WADU letter gives them fresh ammunition to argue for the rescission of the AU’s invitation to the African Diaspora.  Even for friends of the Diaspora inside the AU, the letter makes the Diaspora appear arrogantly uninformed and significantly unready for AU diplomatic engagement.  The letter, along with some previous missives from this same group (“… the Diaspora’s responsibility is to save Africa …”), revives a long-standing stereotype within African diplomatic circles that the African Diaspora, particularly its African American portion, simply cannot raise itself to the appropriate diplomatic level needed to participate in discussions to determine Africa’s future.

A few months ago, TheBlackList posted a PADU Ma’at article which elucidated a code of honorable Pan African conduct expected of leaders and participants in the ongoing 21st Century Pan African Movement.  We strongly urge the writers and distributors of the WADU letter to re-visit that TheBlackList posting, and to refrain from doing further damage to the integrity and reputation of the African Diaspora as its members try to move forward positively.

Forward Ever, Backward Never,

The National Secretariat

Office of Public Relations

Sixth Region Diaspora Caucus


February 2, 2012


Bro. Cliff Kuumba

Director of Public Relations

Sixth Region Diaspora Caucus (SRDC)


Excerpts of VI Constitution Concerns to President Obama

This is an excerpt from the March 15, 2010 letter to President Barack H. Obama regarding the conflict with the outcome of the 5th United States Virgin Islands Constitution Convention on its’ submission of a constitution for ratification by the US Congress. If you desire the document in its’ entirety, share a supportive request to .



E M Htp:

“First and foremost the only consistent and Real Sovereign Law that all huemans and all living beings must adhere to is the Great Law of Nature-Maat-Djehuty-Sesheta. All hueman and man-made laws are but human idols and graven images. The Law of Nature is the only Sovereign Law of the Universe and Cosmos.  No hueman thoughts of man- made laws and the feeble, inconsistent, and at times diabolical, selfish and greedy hueman minds can ever supersede the Great Law of Nature.  The Law of Nature was, is and forever will be in all perpetuity. 

There is absolutely no reason why huemans should be forced to bow down and worship any graven or written images or documents forged in the feeble and crafty criminal minds and thoughts of humans illegally stealing and destroying others living environments and then documenting it as the Supreme Law of the Land; then, after documenting it on paper and written form, claim it to be superior to the unwritten Cosmical and Natural Rights of Nature and the Universe.  No hueman being were the Creators, Scientist or Artist that have brought All the Principles and Measures of the Land and life to Be as we are experiencing life as we know It in Nature. How can any human claim that which is not rightfully theirs and subjugate and exterminate others for trying to protect their right to live and be in harmony with the Great Law of Nature. 

To claim that the written and engraved images of some humans, such as the US Constitution, to be more sovereign and superior to other Natural, Cosmical, Universal, and Indigenous Rights is an abomination to All That Is and Forever Will Be-NETER-AWE ALL GREAT NATURE.  Just as Greece, Rome, and other nations have risen and fallen, so will the United States of America one day see its demise.  Just as huemans are born and journey in life towards their release of their bodies back to earth and the environment, so do nations experience birth and death. 

From the time a nation is born it begins its journey to death, and at present the United States and its political, social, and economical karma and sowings are catching up to it.”…this is just the opening of the letter for it is time for humanity to be respected everywhere.

Shm M Htp

Nesu Neb Ka Ra Herishetapaheru


Notes on AfRaKan Unity February 2012

Hotep M Greetings:

In light of all our current movements for a New AfRaKan World Union…

In honor of the invitational call from the African Union…

For those ready and willing to move forward in AfRaKan Unity in Maat in the best interests of our people within the AfRaKan Diaspora and our ancestral continental homelands…

These words from our honorable ancestors are being shared to shift and transform the methods, strategies and tone in which we interact, engage, discuss, work and organize amongst one another…

For healing all of our relations amongst our youth, future generations, families, communities, nations and A Nu Humanity-these quotations are shared…

It is beyond time to move forward, use these networks of communications for our higher engagements and transform our realities as “we are the ones we have been waiting for…”  Dua

“We first have to define what exactly is a revolution.  Our crisis today is that we do not seem to understand that a revolution means a complete change.  In a revolution you do not patch an old society.  You replace an old society.  When a society has grown old, weal, fat, and flabby and fails to serve its people, the conscious role of those who have suffered from that society is not to prop up that society, but to change that society in such as way that will will never be the same again.-[Malcolm X Speaks-Dr. John Henrik Clarke]

“What all Africans should have done at that moment (Ghana’s Independence in March 1957), in Africa, the Caribbean islands, and the United States is to develop an operation and definition of Pan-African nationalism that could be flexible enough to be applicable to all Africans everywhere.  At that point there was a need to seriously plan the structure of an African world community that would bridge all religious lines, cultural lines, and geographical lines, in this 500 year struggle against slavery and colonialism, all Africans have had one enemy, no matter the geography, the religion, or the culture.  A redefinition of Pan-African nationalism and development of the concept of an African world community would have given all of us a bridge where we could STAND and COMMUNICATE with one another.  That would have been the common denominator of Pan-African nationalism…

Because our origin is Africa, our political heartbeat should be in tune with Africa.  No matter where we live on the face of this earth, we should PROCLAIM OURSELVES AN AFRICAN PEOPLE.  That is our nationality, no matter what nation we were born in and what nation we choose to live in.  This is the ultimate vindication of the betrayal of the African world revolution.  We must be bold enough to look back and re-echo the words of Marcus Garvey: ‘One God, One Aim, One Destiny!’  Then we must say to every African person on the face of the earth with the shadow of a doubt about him or herself in the future, ‘Up, Up You Mighty Race, You Can Accomplish What You Will.’…

…By One God, I do not mean that all African people on the face of the earth should be bound to one spiritual system…The fight for African liberation can be carried on under any belief system…What I mean by One Aim is that all African people one way or the other should be committed to African liberation, unity and preservation, irrespective of religious, cultural or political commitments…By One Destiny, I mean the unification and the development of African people…

In calling attention to the African world revolution and its betrayal, I am asking African people to reclaim those vital assets that have always been a part of their history, culture and politics.  As a people, we have always been revolutionary, creating and adjusting to change…We are a revolutionary people…With the restoration of self-confidence, we can boldly say to ourselves and to the world, ‘If we did it once, we can do it again!'”-From Who Betrayed the African World Revolution Speech on June 10, 1992 by Dr. John Henrik Clarke

“It is no longer enough to call oneself a revolutionary.   We also need to be absolutely clear on the profound meaning of the revolution we fervently defend.  This is the best way to defend it from the attacks and distortions that the counter-revolutionaries will not fail to use against it.  Knowing how to link revolutionary theory to revolutionary practice will be the decisive criterion from now on in distinguishing consistent revolutionaries from all those who flock to the revolution under motives that are alien to the revolutionary cause.”-From President Thomas Sankara Speech on Building A New Society, Rid of Social Injustice and Imperialist Domination on October 2, 1983


This is humbly shared for us to move forward in Maat as truth, justice, order, reciprocity, righteousness and harmony for the liberation, unification and social ascension of our AfRaKan nation-“at home and abroad”

Shem M Hotep Ankh Udja Snb-Life Strength Wellness

Nswt Dr. ChenziRa Kahina Herishetapaheru of Per Ankh M Smai Tawi

Note: This has been shared as a reply to the following document on BlackListPub


Honorable President Thomas Sankara

Honorable Dr. John Henrik Clarke

Honorable Malcolm X