Our Global AfRaKan Unity for A Nu AfRaKan World Union & Beyond: ALD May 25.2012

ALD2012: Our Global AfRaKan Unity for A Nu AfRaKan World Union and Beyond
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Flyer of the All African People’s Revolutionary Party (AAPRP) for May 25, 2012.


ALD2012:  Our Global AfRaKan Unity for A Nu AfRaKan World Union and Beyond

An elder gave us an assignment during an ALD session recently:  Do an act where you do not focus on always being right.  Essentially, that is hard for most of us and in light of that elder’s assignment to those of us working as initiators (agents) for change in our community the shift in our actions are manifesting…womanifesting.

Some believe practice makes perfect; however practice really makes for improvement as perfection is a subjective construct created by man which is another ankhversation…. On the points shared in this thread regarding elitism in the African Revolutionary Movements and to strongly support AFRICAN LIBERATION DAY events globally these draft comments are presented so we may MOVE FORWARD and minimize our complaints of who is what, who is doing what, and how long such and such has not manifested. 

“The major crisis facing African people the world over is that they have not been educated for the new reality.  And the new reality is that African people must be educated to regain the main thing they lost during slavery and colonialism, the control of the state and their own destiny…The main purpose of education is to train the student to be a proper handler of power.  Every form of true education trains the student in self-reliance…Education that fails to equip you to handle some form of power is irrelevant and not education at all…African people need to stop shouting ‘nationtime’ until they are clear about the responsibilities of running a nation.”  Words of Dr. John Henrik Clarke on April 23, 1994 from Who Betrayed the African World Revolution & Other Essays

It is 2012.  Essentially, some folks think the world is ending and are preparing for gloom and doom.  Others are walking in illuminated consciousness while recognizing transformation and accepting change along with “shared values” as practices see opportunities for a shift for AfRaKa and humanity right now.  Let’s unite, liberate and ascend for the greatest good and potential for AfRaKa 4AChange! It has become “crystal clear” that PanAfricanism has changed and transformed from the version written and spoken of by Rev. Dr. Edward Wilmot Blyden and Maj. Gen. Martin Delaney and others of the pre-20th century;  PanAfricanism has shifted from the version of Hubert Harrison, the Garveys, DuBois, Washington and others; even more shifts were exhibited in the movements that galvanized ideological engagements and perspectives in action through the UNIA-ACL, NOI and other long standing organizations; fast forward to the streak of revolutionary independence struggles and upliftments via mass organized actions in Africa, Central Amerika, Amerika (us), the Caribbean and throughout the Diaspora inspired by the active work and proactive research, nation building efforts and struggles of ancestors like Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, Amilcar Cabral, Azikiwe, Samora Machel, Julius Nyerere, Patrice Lumumba, Malcolm X, George Padmore, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, Medger Evers, Dr. Cheik Anta Diop, Dr. Amos Wilson, Dr. Bobby Clarke, Drusilla Dunjee Houston, Fannie Lou Hamer, Amy Jacques Garvey, Kwame Ture, Ahmed Sekou Ture, Thomas Sankara, Maurice Bishop, Dr. Walter Rodney and many many more; through to the present efforts of organizations like the AAPRP, RNA, NBUF, NBPP, BPP, NBLC, NAADUC, PADU, SRDC, AUDTT, PASG, PAST and the many other organizational entities that are implementing a 21st century paradigm of PanAfricanism that reflects the reality that “change is constant”. 

This shift within PanAfricanism as a movement, ideology, pathway, way of life and beyond, is especially the focus exemplified in the organizational sustainability, viability and security made manifest for even the comrades/members cooperative and collective strength to restore real unification, liberation, stable socio-economic institutions & policies along with the truth and harmony of respect, honor, dignity, integrity, accountability blended with secure power of AfRaKa, her people, her resources, her lands and beyond “by any means necessary”.  In light of what our enemies are doing to our AfRaKan security, sovereignty and spirit-globally- this is a time for us to “Get Up! Stand Up! Organize” (African Student centered theme for ALD2012 by AAPRP) with Action for a CHANGE beyond the identification of our differences and challenges we all know exist. 

This time of ALD2012 following an annular solar eclipse on May 20th, 2012 that has not manifested in 26000 years may mark a strategic, celestial and RAevolutionary time for our nation’s unity without uniformity based on our collaborative, cohesive and collective responsiveness to do more practical work and minimizing  over-ANALyzing our upliftment and the growing labor pains associated with our Rebirth and RAstoration as an AfRaKan nation with dignity in MAAT(truth, justice, order, reciprocity, harmony, righteousness, balance) amongst the nations of humanity.

“It must be proclaimed that there can be no salvation for our peoples unless we decisively turn our backs on

all the models that all the charlatans, cut from the same cloth, have tried to sell us for the past twenty years.  There can be no salvation without saying no to that.  No development without breaking with that…Homeland or death, we will win!”  Speech of President Thomas Sankara delivered in address to the 39th session of the UN’s General Assembly in NY on October 4th, 1984.

This is a concise engagement to recommend SOUL-lutions instead of drilling ourselves with what we already know are problems and issues not being done in accordance or alignment as our ancestors, elders, youth and beyond have recommended and directed us to adhere to much less institutionalize. 

“Africans need cultural cross-fertilization of relating to each other without border restrictions.  After two generations of these traitors, it is my belief that there is a growing desire in Africa to put Africa back together again and make it function for Africans both at home and abroad.  There is now a growing movement to adopt Pan-African nationalism as the essential connecting link between African people throughout the world.  There are now some Africans ready to extend Pan-Africanism beyond its narrow base into an African World Community.  In my opinion, when this happens, the spirit of Kwame Nksrumah and George Padmore, and others who dreamt and planned the unification of Africa will be vindicated.” Words of Dr. John Henrik Clarke on April 23, 1994 from Who Betrayed the African World Revolution & Other Essays

Let’s move forward ever and LIVEUP for a Free, Liberated, Healed and Unified AfRaKa irrespective of the strategies and tactics that many amongst our 1billion and counting populace are engaged in.  Let’s share the liberating and unifying work efforts and institutions we are strengthening and building for a Nu AfRaKan World Union and beyond.  (We invite you to add your works and revolutionary institution building efforts within this venue or via email to perankh@gmail.com or within any of the organizational networks we maintain.)  Let’s shift the paradigm and not get caught up in “man-made organized or obligatory” institutions or isms.

May we remain ready, active and engaged for RAevolution.

Unity to Power! 

One God! One Aim! One Destiny!

Shem M Hotep

Afterwords by SnUr Chef Keidi of Living In Black (LIB) Networks

“This is a powerful and visionary manifesto. Today is a perfect time for functional Pan African action. We are indeed a resourceful community. In honor of our great Forbearance, in honor of Nkrumah, Padmore, Clarke and so many others, we make our declarations and move forward.